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Clonidine (Catapres, Catapres-TTS) is an oral and topical (applied to the skin) medication prescribed by a doctor for the treatment of high blood pressure (hypertension). It acts by stimulating receptors on nerves in the brain that reduces the transmission of messages from nerves in the brain to nerves in other areas of the body.

Clonidine, an imidazoline-derivative hypotensive agent is a centrally-acting α2-adrenergic agonist. It crosses the blood-brain barrier and acts in the hypothalamus to induce a decrease in blood pressure.

Catapres and Catapres-TTS are the brand names for this drug available in the US for the treatment of high blood pressure

The α2B-receptor is located primarily in the periphery (kidney, liver, lung and heart) with low levels of expression in the thalamic nuclei of the central nervous system. The α2A- and α2C-receptors are located presynaptically and inhibit the released of noradrenaline from sympathetic nerves. Stimulation of these receptors decreases sympathetic tone, resulting in decreases in blood pressure and heart rate. Sedation and analgesia is mediated by centrally located α2A-receptors, while peripheral α2B-receptors mediate constriction of vascular smooth muscle. α2A-Receptors also mediate essential components of the analgesic effect of nitrous oxide in the spinal cord.

The most common side effects are:

Tiredness Lethargy Drowsiness Constipation Dry mouth Headache Dizziness Fatigue Weakness
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